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Should I use my hospital's 457(b)?

Menfi, Sicily[/caption] If you work for a large healthcare provider, you may have access to a 457(b) retirement account in...

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"I do" is a legal contract

Castello di Grinzane Cavour, Alba, Italy[/caption] Since the engagement, everyone has been asking “So, when’s the wedding?” Well, we aren’t...

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Rethinking emergency funds

Sunrise in Joshua Tree National Park[/caption] Go on any major finance forum or site and the old adage is to...

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"I promise to always keep our net worth positive …"

Lawa’i Beach in Kauai, Hawaii where we got engaged[/caption] Apologies for the hiatus. I was in Hawaii for CME and...

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I started a 529 account and I do not have a child

Cute gecko in Big Island, Hawaii[/caption] A great thing to do if you know you want kid(s) and are able...

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Miss Bonnie MD's library

The first book I read on finances. This book is specifically geared towards doctors but will apply to anyone interested...

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2016 Wrap-up

Favignana island, Italy[/caption] I am 1.33 years out of residency. Using¬†White Coat Investor’s net worth formula, I ended 2016¬†not up...

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Wealthy Mom MD Bonnie Koo as a child

Miss Bonnie MD's Money History

I was born in Seoul, South Korea and my family moved to the U.S. when I was 2 years old....

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